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Blog breadcrumb arrow Cinco De Mayo: History, Tacos, and Tomfoolery
Cinco De Mayo: History, Tacos, and Tomfoolery

Cinco De Mayo: History, Tacos, and Tomfoolery


If you're anything like us, you see May 5th as the perfect excuse to indulge in tacos, tequila, and a little tomfoolery. That's led to the success of event like our famous Tacos & Margs Crawl. Get ready for a fiesta like no other as we dive into the history of Cinco de Mayo, its transformation into an American drinking holiday, and why tacos and margaritas make the ultimate pairing for this festive occasion.

The Real Story Behind Cinco de Mayo (No, It’s Not Mexican Independence Day)

Let’s set the record straight, folks - Cinco de Mayo is not, I repeat, NOT the day Mexico gained its independence (that's a party reserved for September 16th, mark your calendars). Instead, this spirited day remembers an underdog story that would make even the most stoic of us cheer. Picture it: the year is 1862, and Mexico finds itself the unlikely David against a Goliath named France at the Battle of Puebla. Against all odds, the Mexican army pulls off a victory so stunning, it’s like the sports upset of the century - if ESPN had been around in the 1800s, they’d have been all over it.

So, why the big fuss in the U.S., you ask? Well, while Mexico might give a respectful nod to the day, it's the Americans who’ve turned it into an annual extravaganza of tacos and tequila. And no, it wasn’t because someone got their holidays mixed up and thought, “Eh, close enough.” The real kicker? It boils down to a blend of Mexican-American pride and, you guessed it, savvy marketing that saw an opportunity to spice up the party scene. Essentially, Cinco de Mayo is the historical equivalent of an epic afterparty that everyone decided to keep celebrating annually, because who doesn’t love an excuse for more tacos and margaritas? So there you have it, the real story behind May 5th - no independence, just a spectacular victory and a fantastic reason to fiesta.

How Cinco de Mayo Became the Ultimate American Drinking Holiday

Buckle up, amigos, because we're diving into the frothy, lime-wedged saga of how Cinco de Mayo morphed into the ultimate American excuse to clink glasses and shout "Salud!" with strangers. Picture this: it's the swinging 60s, and American beer companies are eyeing the calendar with a twinkle in their eye. "How," they ponder, "can we convince John and Jane Doe that May 5th is not just another day, but an opportunity to let loose with a cerveza in hand?" Enter stage left: Cinco de Mayo, a holiday with all the makings of a marketing goldmine, just waiting for its moment in the spotlight.

The strategy was simple yet brilliant—link beer (and later, tequila and margaritas, because variety is the spice of life) with a celebration of Mexican heritage and history. It was like adding lime to a Corona; it just made sense. And thus, a day commemorating an 1862 battle transformed into an annual festival of libations, with festivities so grand you'd think the margarita was the national drink of the United States.

This transformation wasn't an overnight affair. Like a fine tequila, it took years to mature. But mature it did, blossoming into the beloved May day where the motto is "eat, drink, and be merry." It’s a testament to the power of advertising and the American propensity to adopt any reason for a party. So next time you're toasting to the bravery of the Battle of Puebla, remember: you're also celebrating one of the most successful rebranding efforts in history. And that, amigos, deserves a drink.

Why Tacos and Margaritas? A Deliciously Accidental Pairing

Imagine, if you will, a world where the taco met the margarita in a serendipitous flavor fiesta. It wasn't a planned meeting, oh no. This was the culinary equivalent of bumping into your future bestie in the hallway of life. Tacos, with their robust and varied fillings, were out there living their best life. Enter margaritas, the life of the party, with a zest for life that could rival any lime. When these two got together, it was less of a handshake and more of a flavor explosion, a harmonious blend of zest and spice that made taste buds sing and dance in a way they never knew they could.

It’s as if the culinary gods themselves concocted this pairing in their heavenly kitchen. The savory layers of tacos, be they beefy, beany, or brimming with grilled veggies, find their soulmate in the cool, refreshing embrace of a margarita. Each sip of that tequila-infused nectar seems to whisper sweet nothings to the spiciness of the taco, creating a dance of flavors so intricate, it's a wonder we ever eat anything else. In this accidental meeting, we’ve all been blessed with the ultimate duo, proving that sometimes, the best things in life are unplanned.

The Tacos & Margs Crawl: Your Ticket to Cinco De Mayo Bliss

Looking for the ultimate Cinco de Mayo celebration? Look no further than our Tacos & Margs Crawl happening on Cinco de Mayo weekend. Join us, and tens of thousands of attendees in dozens of cities across the USA, as we hop around to top bars & restaurants, sampling delicious tacos and refreshing margaritas along the way. It's the perfect way to immerse yourself in the festive spirit of Cinco de Mayo while socializing with fellow taco and tequila enthusiasts. So, dust off your maracas and get ready for a day of tacos, tequila, and tomfoolery like never before. Viva la fiesta!



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