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Blog breadcrumb arrow Tacos & Margs: The Ins and Outs of Cinco De Mayo Bar Crawls
Tacos & Margs: The Ins and Outs of Cinco De Mayo Bar Crawls

Tacos & Margs: The Ins and Outs of Cinco De Mayo Bar Crawls

Peter Altholz

Peter Altholz

Mar 31 2024


If there's one thing we can all agree on, it's that Cinco de Mayo is the perfect excuse to indulge in tacos, sip on margaritas, and embark on a wild bar crawl. And what better way to celebrate this festive holiday than by joining our Tacos & Margs Bar Crawl event happening in cities across the country? Get ready to raise your glasses, stuff your faces with delicious tacos, and party like there's no tomorrow!

Preparing Your Liver and Your Wardrobe

Alright, party animals, it’s time for a pre-crawl pep talk. First up, your liver. It's about to become your most trusted companion, so treat it like your bestie. Hydrate like you're crossing the Sahara because, let's be real, you’re about to dive headfirst into a tequila ocean. Slip in a power nap if you can - your future self, dancing on table tops at 2 AM, will thank you.

Now, onto the wardrobe. This isn't just any night out; it's Cinco de Mayo, and your outfit needs to scream fiesta louder than a mariachi band. Think vibrant colors that make a piñata jealous, a sombrero that doubles as a personal shade provider, and those dancing shoes that say, "I’m here to boogie and eat tacos, and I'm all out of tacos." Whether you opt for a full-blown traditional ensemble or just spice up your outfit with some cheeky accessories, remember: if there's ever a time to dress like a walking, talking Mexican fiesta, it's now. So, embrace the madness, and let's get this party started!

To Taco or Not to Taco, That Is the Question

Is the Earth round? Is water wet? These are questions we could ponder all day, but when it comes to whether you should taco or not on Cinco de Mayo, there's only one answer – you taco, and you taco hard. Think of this as your edible adventure, where every bite is a flavor fiesta and every topping is a testament to your daring palate. With a spread that ranges from the classic carne asada to the experimental wonders of a kimchi-infused creation, our Tacos & Margs Crawl turns the humble taco into the star of the show. Meat aficionados, veggie lovers, and those who live for the spice – rejoice! There’s a tortilla-wrapped treasure waiting just for you. And remember, folks, in the grand scheme of things, choosing the right taco is like choosing the right dance partner: it may take a few tries, but once you find that perfect match, it's pure bliss. So, let's make those taste buds dance the salsa, shall we?

Margaritas - Shaken, Stirred, or Slammed

When it comes to the sacred art of margarita consumption during our Tacos & Margs Bar Crawl, there's no wrong way to down these tequila treasures. Whether you're a purist who demands it shaken, not stirred, à la some kind of international spy, or you're the wild card who views slamming them back as a personal challenge, we salute you. The world of margaritas is your oyster—scratch that, your lime wedge. Dive into the depths of classic lime concoctions, flirt with the daring edge of a spicy jalapeño blend, or lose yourself in a sea of exotic fruity fusions like guava or passionfruit. Each sip is a toast to freedom, a dance with destiny, and quite possibly, a prelude to confessing your love to the taco stand. So, grab that salt-rimmed glass with the gusto of a matador facing down a bull, because tonight, we're not just sipping margaritas; we're embarking on a grand tequila adventure that's as wild and unpredictable as your ex. But way more fun.

The Art of Bar Crawling Like a Pro

Mastering the noble quest of the bar crawl isn't for the faint of heart. It's an art form, blending the grace of a gazelle with the stamina of a marathon runner and, let's be honest, the decision-making prowess of a toddler in a candy store. Pacing is your best friend here - think of it as the tortoise in the age-old fable, except this tortoise is navigating a labyrinth of tequila and taco stands. Keeping hydrated is key; you want to be the life of the party, not a dehydrated noodle by the end of the night. And tipping? Picture yourself as the Oprah of gratuity - "You get a tip! You get a tip! Everyone gets a tip!" It's not just good karma; it's ensuring that the bar staff is as thrilled to see you on your fourth round as they were on your first.

Remember, making friends isn't just advisable; it's practically a requirement. These are your comrades in arms, your fellow wanderers on this epicurean journey. Break out those dance moves, no matter how questionable, and if you find yourself engaging in a spirited debate over the best type of taco, you're doing it right. Above all, immerse yourself in the experience. This isn't just about surviving the night; it's about reveling in the joyous chaos of it all. So, lace up those party shoes and dive in; the bar crawl awaits.

Beyond the Bar: Cinco de Mayo Celebrations Done Right

Ditch the idea that Cinco de Mayo fun stops at the bar door. No siree! The party's just getting started, and the world is your tequila-infused oyster. Consider transforming your humble abode into a festival of colors, where homemade guacamole reigns supreme and the sound of shakers is the music to your ears. Why not challenge your pals to a margarita-making contest? Loser has to wear a taco costume to the next bar crawl. Or, if you're feeling particularly adventurous, how about a piñata stuffed with mini tequila bottles? Because nothing says "I’m an adult" quite like blindfolded adults swinging at candy. So grab that sombrero, unfurl those banners, and let the backyard fiesta explode into life. Remember, the essence of Cinco de Mayo is not just found in a glass; it's in every laugh, dance move, and questionable life choice. Viva la fiesta, amigos!



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